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I think you might be throwing the baby out with the bath water TBH because you could end up with a man who was a bastard yet who you fancied like mad. I think you should only ditch this marriage if you are 100% sure it cannot be improved and after you have got to the bottom of why the chemistry has died and if it has indeed gone for good or just got buried under the wear and tear of daily life. But don't have out of duty I think you owe it to your DH to tell him how you feel and say it might be a phase and support you while you work through it,Hi I am new to mumsnet, but on reading your post MaybeIcan, i felt compelled to reply to you. I feel exactly the same I my husband but not in the way a woman should a man, I him like a brother, I feel awful about this especially as he is kind, a great dad and still handsome I can still look at him and think you are a very handsome man but have no desire at all I say still as we have been married over 20 years. We have a good life with 2 daughters and many friends and I wish I could wave a wand and fancy him again but I sadly feel it is too late now and have to accept this situation. I am too embarrassed to say how long it is since we had but it's awhile.

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Biol. Chem. 278, 15056 15064. 41. R. Tunuguntla, D. Ripley, Q. X. Sang, and N. Gynecol. Oncol.

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The Captain stopped his mules in front of Ali Babas house, and said to Ali Baba, who was sitting outside for coolness, I have brought some oil from a distance to sell at tomorrows market, but it is now so late that I know not where to pass the night, unless you will do me the favor to take me in. Though Ali Baba had seen the Captain of the robbers in the forest, he did not recognize him in the disguise of an oil merchant. He bade him welcome, opened his gates for the mules to enter, and went to Morgiana to bid her prepare a bed and supper for his guest. He brought the stranger into his hall, and after they had supped went again to speak to Morgiana in the kitchen, while the Captain went into the yard under pretense of seeing after his mules, but really to tell his men what to do. Beginning at the first jar and ending at the last, he said to each man, As soon as I throw some stones from the window of the chamber where I lie, cut the jars open with your knives and come out, and I will be with you in a trice. He returned to the house, and Morgiana led him to his chamber. She then told Abdallah, her fellow slave, to set on the pot to make some broth for her master, who had gone to bed. Meanwhile her lamp went out, and she had no more oil in the house. Morgiana thanked him for his advice, took the oil pot, and went into the yard. When she came to the first jar the robber inside said softly, Is it time?Any other slave but Morgiana, on finding a man in the jar instead of the oil she wanted, would have screamed and made a noise; but she, knowing the danger her master was in, bethought herself of a plan, and answered quietly, Not yet, but presently. She went to all the jars, giving the same answer, till she came to the jar of oil.

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Wednesday, 23rd July, Fresh water Marsh. Started at 7. 40, course 22 degrees east of south, one mile, to round the marsh; thence one mile south east; thence east for six miles, when we struck a large creek, deep and long reaches; thence three quarters of a mile south before we could cross it. This I have named Thring Creek, in token of my approbation of his conduct throughout the journey; thence east, one mile and a half; thence north for nine miles, when I again struck the large marsh. Thring Creek has been running nearly parallel with the north course until it empties itself into the marsh. The country gone over to day, after leaving the side of the marsh, as well as the banks of the creek, and also some small plains, is of the same rich description of soil covered with grass; the other parts are slightly elevated, the soil light with a little sand on the surface of a brown colour; timber, mixture of stringy bark and gums, with many others; also, a low thick scrub, which has lately been burnt in many places, the few patches that have escaped abounding in grass. I have come twelve miles to the eastward to try to round the marsh, but have not been able to do so; the plains that were seen from the river by those who came up it in boats is the marsh; it is covered with luxuriant grass, which gives it the appearance of extensive grassy plains. I have camped at where the Thring spreads itself over a portion of the marsh. There is rising ground to the north west, on the opposite side, which I suppose to be a continuation of the elevated ground I passed before crossing the creek, and the same that I saw bearing north from the last camp. I suppose it runs in towards the river. Wind, south.

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Also, be sure that the container has at least one unplugged drainage hole. Without adequate drainage, your plant will likely suffer from overwatering as water collects at the bottom of the pot. The soil you choose will also be an important factor. Using a soil that is designed to improve plant hydration can be harmful to a Money Tree since they are sensitive to excess water. Instead, consider sandier, well draining soils, like succulent blends, or soil with perlite and peat moss. If you are uncertain of the blend to use, read this article for more information about brands to purchase in store and how to make your own DIY mixture. Ideally, you will be repotting sapling Money Trees that are about 7 to 10 high, and less than 1/2 in diameter. They should have a bit of mature coloration at the very bottom, but still, be flexible enough to move. You can test this by gently bending them sideways, as you would while making a braid. If they bend easily, then they will be easy to weave together without breaking. If there are stems lower on the trunks that would interfere with the braid, cut them off close to the trunk with sharp, disinfected pruning shears.

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