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After having established their findings in the real world, the researchers wanted to validate the results and performed two control studies. The first study had the aim to verify if it was actually the customer ideated cue that caused the increase in sales. This study consisted of an online customer survey in Japan in which participants were randomly assigned to a few different conditions. They were asked which of the two products they preferred and had to explain the reason for their preference. The outcome of this control study further strengthens the conclusion found in the field experiment, namely: consumers prefer crowd sourced new products, if recognizable as such, because they infer these products to be 1 of higher quality and 2 better at addressing consumers needs. The aim of the second control study was to measure the quality inference of consumers.

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1999. The original site was first put in place about a year ago by Fr. Fred Brinkmann, President pro Tem of the Guild. The site includes all of the previous articles, photographs and information, but much more has been added and more is on the way. This site focuses on the theologic aspects of the Shroud. The second new addition is the website of the Turin Shroud Center of Colorado at , founded by Dr. John P. Jackson and Rebecca Jackson. Dr. Jackson was also the co founder of STURP, the team that performed the first in depth scientific examination of the Shroud in 1978. The Jacksons are noted researchers and lecturers on the Shroud.

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The brain's pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life,for this tiny gland was said to secrete the very essence of active longevity,referred to as soma or as the Greeks called it, ambrosia. In mystic circles,the menstrual "flow er", she who flows, has long been thedesignated flower,and is represented as a lily or a lotus. Indeed, the definition 'flow er' is the very root of the modern word flower. In ancient Sumer, the key females of the royal successionwere all venerated as lilies, having such names as Lili, Luluwa, Lilith, Lilutu and Lillette. In pictorial representation,the Messianic Dragon bore little relation to the winged,fire breathing beast of later western mythology. It was, in essence,a large jawed serpent with four legs very much like a crocodile or a monitor. This was the sacred Messeh whose name wasDraco. This sovereign beast was a divine emblem of the Egyptian pharaohs,a symbol of the Egyptian Therapeutate in Karnak and Qumran,while also being the Bistea Neptunis sea serpent ofthe descendant Merovingian Fisher Kings in Gaul. In old Hebrew texts references to serpents are made by use of the word nahash from the stem NHSH,but this does not relate to serpents in the way that we might perceive them as venomous snakes. It relates to serpents in their traditional capacity as bringers of wisdom and enlightenment for the word nahash actually meant 'to decipher',or 'to find out'. Serpents, in one form or another,were always associated with wisdom and healing with the Trees of Life and Knowledge being customarily identified with serpents.

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To apply, candidates must submit a Summer Associate form, two essays and submit them at the firms website. Every year, the Robert Toigo Foundation selects a group of minority MBA students and gives them scholarship money. These Toigo Fellows also receive mentoring and career support. Created in 1992, the Robert Toigo Foundation Fellowship targets minorities at 25 specific schools. These include the business schools at Chicago University, Clark Atlanta University, Emory University, MIT, the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University. The fellowship is only available to U. S. citizens. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People NAACP provides a host of scholarship programs. One such opportunity is the Earl E. Graves Scholarship, which grants money to both undergraduate sophomores and juniors and graduate students pursuing business and international business degrees.

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