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George H. W. Bush was sworn in as the forty first President of America. It was throughout his tenure, he concerned America within the war between Iraq and Kuwait, popularly referred to as the Gulf Battle. America witnessed the autumn of the USSR, throughout the presidency of George Bush. Hes the father of the forty third president, George Bush.

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Shoy, Jr. , president of the East Lake Foundation. The Drew Charter Senior Academy will prepare our students for college and life. Higher education breaks the intergenerational cycle of poverty. A high quality, seamless, cradle to college pipeline is an essential component for East Lake to sustain the success of its revitalization. Charles R. Drew Charter School opened in 2000 as Atlantas first charter school. Over the last 14 years, Drew has made great strides in improving academic outcomes as well as providing students with access to arts, technology, sports and other co curricular experiences. Today, Drew is ranked among the top elementary and middle schools in the Atlanta Public Schools System, ensuring that children from all backgrounds have access to excellent education from cradle to college. The East Lake Foundation was founded in 1995 on the belief that everyone deserves a chance to succeed, the East Lake Foundation collaborates with public and private organizations to provide tools that enable Atlantas East Lake residents to build a better future through its model for community revitalization. The East Lake model includes cradle to college education at Charles R.

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To date for the 2017 swim season ending November 30th, we have awarded 71 children over $23,000 in survival swim lesson. We have awarded children with special needs that include but are not limited to: Autism, low muscle tone, hearing loss, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury and Down Syndrome. Our funding is reliant on donations, grants and fundraising events. Water Smart Tots has had the good fortune to receive donations from many businesses in an effort to raise funds for our mission. Donors can be found here: aterSmartTots/photos/?Petersburg Chapter, MOMs Club Lithia/Bevis, 100 Women Who Care Southshore as well as monetary donations from individuals. Without the support of our community, we would have a much smaller impact. In addition to survival swimming lessons, we attend outreach events, and give water safety presentations in the community. Our Preschool Water Safety Series is presented each May for National Water Safety Month to Hillsborough County Preschools. Since we began this series, we have educated over 1,800 area preschoolers on the importance of water safety. Pictures of our outreach events are available on our website at: ater Smart Tots is becoming more recognized within the community, which we hope will bring awareness to drowning prevention as well as more skilled swimmers. We have been featured in the news including the Osprey Observer 3 times, which can be viewed from the links:n addition to the above stories, Kari Bahour, the founder of Water Smart Tots will be featured on Bay News 9s Everyday Heroes segment on November 13th.

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