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1916. The dog had a mild seizure the night before the appointment. A second acupuncture treatment was done, Chinese herbs were prescribed and food therapy was initiated. Several follow up appointments were scheduled with increasing time in between. The dog has had no seizures for eight months and is doing extremely well. The dog is still on a Chinese herbal formula but at a reduced dose and if doses are missed there are no adverse problems. Not all seizure problems can resolve as quickly as this case did but traditional Chinese veterinary medicine gives owners another alternative. In all cases, a thorough Western evaluation is recommended. Chinese practices can be safely used in conjunction with Western medications and can be used in any species. Dr. Connie Clemons Chevis has received certification in acupuncture, Tui na and Chinese herbology through Chi Institute in Reddick, Fla.

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Also, looking at varied measures of militaristic socialization in the U. S. Levy and Levy 2008 cite that military values such as hierarchy, obedience, centralized authority, domination, and control are transmitted through the academic structure of schools, the prevalent pedagogical practices, a curriculum that glorifies heroic wars and even school sports teams, which are often managed like boot camps. For me, the hidden curriculum, for as long as it produces beneficial outcomes, will help prepare learners for the 21st century workplace, which I see as information and technology based, highly competitive, with rapidly changing demands on worker competencies. For our cadets, particularly, when values that reinforce initiative, discipline, critical thinking, collaboration, and life skills are learned in the PMAs hidden curriculum, no doubt they will be effectively oriented to face up to the challenges of their 21st century operational environment, where wars will be fought along the lines of diplomacy and debate. Have a safe weekend to all!12/1/12 References:Bilbao, Purita P. , Paz I. Lucido, Tomasa C. Iringan and Rodrigo B. Javier. 2008.

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D. Phil. Dissertation . Imran A. K. SurtiPersonality Style, Anxiety Sensitivity and PerceivedSocial Support among the Pregnant WomenM.

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