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He has vulnerabilitySandy: female, 11 19, all ethnicities, squeaky clean personality, fresh face, innocent, perky,Utah Hunt MysteriesTheatre Dinner Theatre Hunt Mysteries of UtahUtah, Salt LakeWe generally hold open auditions every two monthsActors who do best in our shows:Are creative, charismatic and have a passion for theater. Are outgoing and enjoy mixing with guests. UTAH HUGE CASTING FOR FILM TWIN SOULS MULTIPLE ROLES SUBMIT TODAY!Project Title Twin Souls working titleInterview/Audition Date Starts June 6Callback Date June 12 or 13Shoot/Start Date Mid JulyLocation In and Around Salt Lake City, UtahPay Rate Sag low budget Contract Day rate of $504 Weekly rate of $1752Plot: A mother dies unexpectedly leaving her soul split, one half redeemable and the other in need of redemptionVegas Student FilmParts needed: Flamboyant MALE Character is written as the fun, friend. Must own nice suit. Young, attractive FEMALE Meant to be temptation of lead, must dress sexy. TONS of extras Extravagant Party Scene.

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THUNDER BAY Lakehead University will launch its first Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion EDI Action Plan tomorrow, resulting from a year long process of planning, research and consultation led by the Presidents EDI taskforce. Composed of senior administrators, academics and student leaders, this taskforce ensured that the process for developing the plan would be a coordinated mechanism for driving equity, diversity, and inclusion at Lakehead University over five years. The plan is a living document, meaning that although its vision, mission and goals will not change, the activities will be assessed year by year to ensure that the University achieves its goals. Lakehead Universitys EDI goals include recruiting and retaining a diverse student body and workforce; supporting and accommodating our people through EDI services; innovating and leading on EDI knowledge creation and education; communicating our EDI work and our EDI values; and encouraging EDI within the university governance system. The plans mission is to institutionalize equitable and inclusive principles and practices to realize a University where diversity thrives. Its vision is to create a university that is plural and diverse in its content, structures and people. This action plan reflects Lakeheads commitment to a university community where the human rights of all students, faculty, and staff are respected and realized, said Dylan Mazur, Lakeheads Director, Human Rights and Equity. Dr. Moira McPherson, Lakeheads President and Vice Chancellor, thanked the taskforce members for their work and dedication developing this plan, which they accomplished through essential consultation and contributions from members of the entire University community. This action plan represents a commitment to building and fostering a university where we can live, learn, and work in an environment that is equitable and inclusive for all, Dr. McPherson said.

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