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The change that he saw from the other tree was the shade of the sun on the lower mulga bushes, which caused him to suppose that it was more open country. Not seeing any opening in that direction, I changed to the gum trees. At a mile and a half was delighted at the sight of a chain of fine water holes; their course north west to south east, the flow apparently to south east. I followed one pond, which was about half a mile long and appeared to be deep. A number of smaller ones succeeded. They then ceased, and I crossed a small plain, which shows signs of being at times covered with water.

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in the course of their management. Of course none of this is true, but it was utilized extensively during the 20th century. They may continue witrh this scapegoatting, "middle management" positioning::::Milky Way quadrant, Milky Way, universal quadrant, universal. They are effective tactics, ensuring people do not become god fearing. Sadly, consistant with the deterioration of society, necessary for justification, today people KNOW the gods run the show, and illustrating the evil they employ on the disfavored corrupts people very badly. They think god is evil, and they behave consistant with that belief. Now we have a planet on a collision course with the Apocalypse, and the gods set it all up perfectly that now it is justified. Cartoon in editorial ridiculing W, standing in front of a depiction of a god of fertility, for bringing his message of abstenence to a hypersexual people. Black people are their own worst enemy. Their goodies have gotten them into big trouble. They've shared they got something special and they threw it away.

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