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68, PROSPECT, CT THINK SUNSHINE!Quinnipiac Commission Auction will be conducting our next auction of utility and construction equipment and related supplies on . Access Full SourceFavorites YouTubeSign in now to see your channels and recommendations!Sign in. Watch Queue Queue . View VideoDavid Brown Hydraulic Fix Summary YouTubeJust a little summary of what was wrong with the hydrulics, and what I did to fix it. Something that I didn't mention was I cleaned as much of the dirt and rust out of it as I could.

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But that was misleading. Ubers margin on any given fare was mostly fixed, at around 20 to 25 percent, with the remainder going to the driver. According to employees who worked on the project, the Safe Rides Fee was devised primarily to add $1 of pure margin to each trip. Over time, court documents show, it brought in nearly half a billion dollars for the company, and after the money was collected, it was never earmarked specifically for improving safety. At the time, driver safety education consisted of little more than a short video course, and in app safety features werent a priority until years later. The company was facing rising costs on insurance and background checks for drivers, but an eventual class action lawsuit alleged that its marketing which claimed industry leading checks and the safest rides was untrue. Uber settled for some $30 million, a fraction of what the fee earned the company in revenue. We boosted our margins saying our rides were safer, one former employee told me last year, as I was reporting a book about Uber. It was obscene. Uber and its founder, Travis Kalanick, declined to comment for this article. That level of chutzpah is difficult to imagine from the chastened Uber of 2019.

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Kuthumi is the Hierarch of the Etheric Temple of Illumination over Kashmir. Kuthumi "maintains a focus at Shigatse. Here he plays sacred classical music of East and West and compositions of the heavenly hosts as well as of Earth's early root races on an organ keyed to the music of the spheres, drawing souls who are making the transition called death out of the astral plane and into the etheric retreats of the Brotherhood. Those who are able to see Kuthumi at the moment of the passing often find peace in the certain knowing that they have seen the Ascended Master Jesus so closely do Jesus and Kuthumi resemble one another in their adoration and manifestation of the Christ. " "Understand that when you discipline your energy, your supply, your expression, the hours of your day, your service to life, you are increasing your capacity to release Love. " Ascended Master Paul the Venetian's devotion "is to beauty, the perfection of the Soul through compassion, patience, understanding, self discipline, and the development of the intuitive and creative faculties of the heart by the alchemy of self sacrifice, selflessness, and surrender. "On Atlantis, he served as head of cultural affairs in the government. He incarnated into the Incan Empire as an artist who used paints that did not fade. Later he embodied in Egypt as a master of esoteric architecture and worked with El Morya in constructing the pyramids. His final incarnation was as Paolo Veronese, one of the greatest artists of the Venetian School. He became famous as a decorator of large architecture and churches called Painter of Pageants.

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CTIA The Wireless Association, an industry group, soon brought the city to court , claiming Berkeleys requirement violates the First Amendment rights of retailers by forcing businesses to make statements contrary to their own opinions. The notice comprises a relatively mild and unexciting part of the Support Provided ByLearn More Berkeley municipal code , which among other things mandates up to 30 days in jail for possession of a nuclear weapon, requires medical marijuana dispensaries to give away weed to low income patients, and has outlawed all Styrofoam containers since 1990. It probably wont much affect some citizensfor example, these people protesting the removal of invasive trees , since they werent wearing clothes anyway. Full disclosure: Im a resident of Berkeley, I use a cell phone, and I wear clothes in public. Robert Post, dean of Yale Law School, along with Lawrence Lessig of Harvard Law School, are representing Berkeley pro bono. Lessig was unavailable for comment at the time of publication. His office voicemail cheerfully told me, Hi this is Lawrence Lessig. Im sorry, I dont believe in phones. If you want to reach me, its best to do so by email. But I did reach Post. Calling from his cell phone, he explained that First Amendment claims have also been made against the mandatory posting of fast food calorie counts in New York and a recent GMO labeling law in Vermont.

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