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g. , Stormark, Nordby, and Hugdahl, 1995, supporting the notion that emotional factors may have an important influence on the deployment and operation of attention. How emotional factors modulate activity in brain regions involved in attention is thus an important question. To address this issue, in the present investigation, we examined the impact of emotional salience on activity in neural systems of attention by examining the influence of emotional and non emotional distractors on brain activation. One viewpoint regarding the relationship between emotion and cognition holds that reciprocal brain regions are involved in emotional versus cognitive tasks. For example, Drevets and Raichle 1998 found, across a wide range of PET studies, that a constellation of regions, including the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex DLPFC and the dorsal anterior cingulate cortex ACC, was consistently more active during cognitive tasks but was less active during tasks with an emotional component. A complementary constellation of regions, including the orbitofrontal cortex OFC, the ventral ACC, and the amygdala, was more active for emotional tasks and less active for non emotional tasks. The authors interpreted these findings as supporting a reciprocity, or tradeoff, between cognition and emotion, such that as activity increases in cognitive regions, it decreases in emotional regions and vice versa. Although the reciprocity conception of cognition and emotion may be a useful heuristic for conceptualizing some functions or neural systems, other systems may be less easily classified as cognitive or emotional, because they sub serve functions that are crucial to both cognition and emotion e. g. , Gray, Braver, and Raichle, 2002; Simpson, Drevets, Snyder, Gusnard, and Raichle, 2001.

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Philosophical factors affecting education The content of the curriculum and the aims and functions of schooling The issue of what should be taught to students at all levels of education the issue of curriculum content obviously is a fundamental one and it is an extraordinarily difficult one with which to grapple. APA 6th. The Role of Faculty in Curriculum Development and Evaluation 49 Sarah B. 28 Oct 2015 List factors that influence curriculum implementation. The issues that are currently influencing curriculum development can be explicated. The mastery of the subject matter is given more emphasis.

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She and her fellow ESL teacher Melissa Vasquez McCoy spent hours reaching out to the families of the 70 English learners in Old Saybrook to make sure they were engaging throughout the school shut down in the spring. With the hybrid model, Deltenre and McCoy go from class to class to work with the students who are in person on any given day. They also spend time working online with the students learning from home. Deltenre said that some of her students have difficulty following lessons and keeping focused on the Zoom platform. Part of the problem is that the lesson is completely oral; where the teacher would normally write on the blackboard while speaking, the Zoom places the blackboard very far away from the students vision. Yet technology, for all its difficulties, has also presented opportunities, in the form of computer based on demand translation. Oliviero said that New London uses CSOFT, a multilingual translation software, as well as the features on Microsoft Teams. Goss also said that one of their teachers had been recording lessons in Screencastify videos, which can be particularly helpful for English learners who can go back and re listen to the lesson multiple times. Even on the in person days, learning a second language in a pandemic presents some challenges. Its hard to teach pronunciation when your face is covered by a mask, said Vasquez McCoy. Oliviero said that New London is starting out the year focusing on social/emotional learning rather than academics, in order to help students cope with the stress of recent months.

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The kind of thing youd hear shouted at every rally against a war or a law or a reactor for the past 20 years. But it wasnt true anymore. This isnt just what democracy looks like, say the occupiers, its what it feels like. One of the basic premises of the Occupy movement is the idea that democracy exists for most Americans as little more than an unhappy choice between two sides of the same corporate coin. Weve been so alienated from our own sense of agency that being asked to be part of any real decision is exciting, a woman in her late thirties who calls herself Beatrix tells me. Shes one of the old hands, close to the core of nearly every major radical action in New York of the past decade. So shes a little jaded, but even so, shes startled by whats happening: Movements usually spend a lot of time on education, telling people why they need to come to the demonstration. This is exactly the opposite. The people came. Now were all deciding together what happens. Right off the bat I was addicted, says Jesse LaGreca, sipping a beer at a firemans bar near the park.

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