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m. and 1 p. m. on weekdays. Once inside, you can find several other public artworks on the campus. Note that Berth Haven is no longer accessible due to decay.

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The Berean Call Answers Questions About Anti Semitic TheoriesLTRP Note: As our editors and authors have expressed clearly for 18 years, Lighthouse Trails loves the Jewish people and believes that the nation of Israel has significance in Bible prophecy. We are grateful for The Berean Calls answer below. Over the last six years, four different sets of people Lighthouse Trails Readers have shown . The post The Berean Call Answers Questions About Anti Semitic Theories appeared first on Lighthouse Trails Publishing Inc. "Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved. " Acts 4:12Assertive communication is the ability to express both positive and negative ideas and feelings in an open, honest and direct way. It recognizes our own position and rights whilst still respecting the positions of others. More importantly it is key to building healthy relationships in our teams and workplaces. It allows us to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions without judging or blaming other people. And it fosters the constructive handling of conflict or disagreement to arrive at a mutually satisfactory conclusion. It can help us overcome and handle more easily difficult and stressful situations with family, friends and co workers.

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At the University of Sydney, the Australian Centre for Field Robotics has developed RIPPA Robot for Intelligent Perception and Precision Application, a four wheeled, solar powered device that identifies weeds in fields of vegetables and zaps them individually. At the moment it does this with precise, and precisely aimed, doses of herbicide. But it, or something similar, could instead use a beam of microwaves, or even a laser. That would allow the crops concerned to be recognised as organic by customers who disapprove of chemical treatments. For the less fussy, Rowbot Systems of Minneapolis is developing a bot that can travel between rows of partly grown maize plants, allowing it to apply supplementary side dressings of fertiliser to the plants without crushing them. Indeed, it might be possible in future to match the dose to the plant in farms where individual plants needs have been assessed by airborne multispectral cameras. Robots are also of interest to growers of fruit and vegetables that are currently picked by hand. Fruit picking is a time consuming business which, even though the pickers are not well rewarded, would be a lot faster and cheaper if it were automated. And robot pickers are starting to appear. The SW6010, made by AGROBOT, a Spanish firm, uses a camera to recognise strawberries and work out which are ripe for the plucking. Those that are have their stems severed by blades and are caught in baskets before being passed on by a conveyor belt for packing by a human operator sitting on the robot.

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How will you cause an emotional response in the reader/listener of your story?4. What unexpected twist can you add or highlight in the story?5. What action do you want them to take afterward?Save these questions for yourself in a special file and answer them anytime you are writing a story or figuring out which one to tell in a live situation. This will help you be intentional about what you share, and therefore you will attain better results than if you simply wing it or tell a trite tale with a blatant message. Effortlessly connect with all the right people using the 1 story common to everyone on Earth. Claim your multimedia mini course on storytelling for business and personal growth at onda Del Boccio is an award winning author, international columnist, transformational storyteller and mentor. She teaches authors, coches and entrepreneurs worldwide how to connect with anyone through the power of storytelling. Want help with storytelling techniques so you can become a master storyteller?I gave a 90 minute live storytelling training that teaches you how to use the heros journey, the story common to all of humanity, to develop and share your own story in a way that magnetizes your ideal customer to you instantly. This DVD is shipped from Amazon. com, and there is a link youll see on screen that gets you to the bonus package. In your bonus package are a few special tools, including the same guide that the lie participants used.

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DuPont ISCEON MO99 refrigerant R 438A combines R 22 pressure enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used to replace R 22 over a wide range of evaporator temperatures. a cooling substance such as ice or solid carbon dioxide This is an app which is based on the Refrigerant Licence New Zealand Certified Fillers Course to calculate the safe filling weight for refrigerant cylinders depending on the type of refrigerant Jun 26 2018 Preliminary data indicates that the refrigerant may allow OEMs to easily convert from R 410A. That info is transfered to a computerized log of each jobsite so that at any point in time I can see what unit has had refrigeration repairs and how much gas was needed. Active pressure and temperature enthalpy spreadsheets and charts provide cycles for compression and pumping of several refrigerants. The following forms may be used for record keeping Rule 1415 Recordkeeping Form I nbsp . com Heating amp Cooling Repair R 22 Refrigerant Regulations. For example a decrease in evaporator pressure and an increase in leaving chilled water temperature would indicate a loss of refrigerant or dirty evaporator tubes. gov 202 267 6154 Content. a fluid capable of changes of phase at low temperatures used as the working fluid of a refrigerator 2. The Right Choice. Refrigerant gases are highly toxic environmentally harmful and heavily regulated.

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