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Still, the sentiment is still present in the official translation. The official translation of quare as how is similar to wherefore and view and sight mean about the same thing. Overall, the official translation of the Latin motto is quite accurate. The University of Missouri offers the following official translation of its motto Salus Populi: The Welfare of the People. Lets dissect it and how close a literal translation comes to the official one. Salus is the nominative singular form of the third declension feminine noun salus and means health, soundness, or welfare. Populi is the genitive form of the masculine noun populous which means people or nation. Recall that the genitive case is the case of possession. Taken together, the Latin motto Salus Populi can be translated as The Welfare of the People, the exact official translation offered by the University of Missouri. As a humorous but also illustrative side note for Latin students, populi could also be the genitive singular form of the feminine noun populus which means poplar tree. We can assume, however, that The Welfare of the Poplar Tree is not what the university intended as its motto.

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There is a clear ethical and legal foundation for permitting competent adolescents to decide if they will accept life sustaining medical treatment. Source: Withholding life sustaining treatment: Are adolescents competent to make these decisions?, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2000. The crucial word in all of that is competent, which IME of working with adolescents who gave the appearance of wanting to be dead, needs, as per UK ian law, to be assessed on a case by case and appointment by appointment basis. I certainly met numerous adolescents who certainly appeared to be competent, but, when one explored their views about death and what it meant in more detailed, actually displayed a whole load of magical thinking, strongly suggesting that they did NOT understand these concrete concepts. @Murmur Well, if someone believes in an afterlife, then in my book they are displaying thinking that is, to say the least, not in touch with reality so if you look at it that way, the majority of people are displaying thinking about death that is inconsistent with reality yes, I know, I know, the religious people commenting here will point out that there is no absolute proof that there is not an afterlife, but there is zero reason to believe that there is. Im assuming that the magical thinking you are making reference to went way beyond just believing in an afterlife, since many people believe in that, but I still couldnt resist pointing out the fact that the majority of people do not understand the concrete reality of death i. e. , that once you die, your brain ceases to function, and therefore there cannot be any consciousness after death and that since everything that makes a person a person is the brain, once their brain ceases to function, they cease to exist. Panacea, I was saying that, in a way, the majority of people dont have a concrete understanding of death, because they believe in an afterlife. Basically, I was using Murmurs comment about adolescents having magical thinking around death to make fun of the fact that so many people believe in an afterlife. It is really obvious that the magical thinking that Murmur was referring to goes way beyond belief in an afterlife, and I was clearly not suggesting, in my previous comment, that those who believe in an afterlife are not competent to make their own medical decisions.

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edu email for all school related communications professors, advisors, helpdesk support. Zoom Conferencing Some professors may utilize Zoom Conferencing for real time lectures or other course activities. Kaltura you can record video and audio for presentations. You can upload your videos in Canvas to turn in assignments. Review these Kaltura Knowledge Base Articles for step by step instructions on how to create and turn in presentations. Review these Proctorio Knowledge Base Articles to locate instructions for how to set up your workspace and computer for using Proctorio. If your instructor requires the use of Respondus LockDown Browser to take a Canvas quiz, a particular browser must be installed on your computer before taking the quiz. Review the How To: Take a Quiz using Respondus LockDown Browser Knowledge Base Article for step by step instructions on how to download the browser. Executive Offices | Jobs | Campus Safety | Accreditation | Equal Opportunity | Privacy Policy | Public Record Request | Consumer Information | AccessibilityIt is a software proctoring application used for online exams that restricts students from accessing websites and applications. It is an additional feature within LockDown Browser that records and analyzes a student's webcam to detect cheating. This comprehensive training is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams.

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Or who did it. Ive been in and worked in 31 states in the u. s. I regret not spending recreational time in most of them. But because I had to work and had to have money to spend on mostly all non renewable shit. Im poor.

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This information simply cannot be communicated orally, and yet it is vital that the student understand graphical relationships, since many key ideas in science and math are too complex to be interpreted symbolically. Indeed, the use of models and visualization to simplify complex ideas is a critical skill for future scientists; blind students, like others students, must be able to assimilate vast amounts of data at a glance by the use of graphs and diagrams. In order to deal with this problem, the use of a Tactile Image Enhancer TM from Repro Troniks TM was used. Various standard computer graphing packages such as MathCad, Maple, and Mathematica were modified to produce graphs with Braille labels created by the Duxbury Braille Font for Windows TM. After printing these images in ink, the images were transferred via Xerox to Tactile Image Enhancement paper and converted into a raised Tactile Image via the Tactile Image Enhancer. When appropriate, these graphs and diagrams were embedded in the Braille text of the document by cutting and pasting. For images that are not reproducible by the computer or available in electronic format, scanners were used with a graphics program like CorelDraw TM to produce ink output for subsequent image enhancement. This general technique, like the equation translation, has two advantages: the ability to accept electronic forms of diagrams for enhancement, and the overall speed of the process. For diagrams received in electronic format, the entire process from modifying to pasting into the Braille document can take less than 15 minutes. The second subject dealt with by the VISIONS Lab, and perhaps the most challenging, is Organic Chemistry. This field involves several problems that are especially difficult for blind students.

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