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Some of those who oppose busing favor racial desegregation but do not view busing as a good way to achieve that goal. Instead, they support a gradualist approach to social reform. According to the gradualist view, it will take generations to achieve the goal of racial desegregation in education and in society as a whole. Busing only interferes with the overall goal of integration, because of the sudden and disruptive changesincluding white flightthat it imposes on society. Others oppose busing on the ground that neighborhood schools are the best way to educate children. In this camp are both those in favor of racial integration in education and those against it.

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7314. Carolyn, please do your own research on Common Core. Opposition to it is mainstream, and all kinds of teachers, parents, and very mainstream organizations are shining a light on it. Unless you consider Heritage. org and Cato very respected, mainstream conservative organizsations to be fringe. Maybe you do.

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Perhaps ask every staff member of staff to bring in some interesting food. This can be especially rewarding for groups of varying ethnicity. Food reflects culture, and so offers a helpful basis for improving mutual awareness. If you have a kitchen most workplaces do, then you can handle a certain amount of hot food. If you don't have a kitchen, then be creative with some camping stoves or an outside barbecue. That's assuming you want to serve hot food. Otherwise keep it to a cold buffet, which depending on the weather and time of year, can be perfectly acceptable. If you really don't want to do it yourselves, then bring in some outside caterers something interesting like a hog roast, or Indian or Chinese, whatever be imaginative and talk to local restaurants/providers they will want your business and will usually be very helpful. N. B. When you feed people in house, on a biggish scale, it is very cost effective and can produce excellent quality and quantities of food, for a fraction of eating out costs.

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D. from Golden Gate University School of Law, and a B. S. in Business Administration from Pepperdine University. He is admitted to practice law before the State Bar of California, and the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Ken is an active member of the American Bar Association, San Francisco Bar Association, and the California Lawyers for the Arts.

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