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Having read or watched movies of these works, in contrast, was not associated with students ability to read the emotions of others. And adding controls for reading or watching films of these works did not substantially change the estimated effect of seeing the live performances. The intensity and immediacy of live performance appears to have conveyed this ability to recognize what other people are thinking and feeling in a way that watching a movie or reading a text could not. We collected the RMET measure, on average, 47 days after treatment, which suggests more than a fleeting benefit. To test whether past theater experiences are also positively related to the ability to read the emotions of others, we ran another model controlling for interest in seeing live theater as a proxy for the cumulative effect of past theater exposure. Doing so does not change the estimated benefit of seeing A Christmas Carol or Hamlet, but it does show that past theater experience is also significantly and positively related to the ability to read the emotions of others. A one standard deviation increase in interest in live theater as a proxy for past theater exposure is associated with an increase of 9 percent of a standard deviation in the RMET score. While our proxy for past theater experiences was not randomly assigned and cannot be used to make causal claims, the fact that past theater is positively related to the ability to recognize emotions helps confirm the plausibility of our finding. Seeing live theater seems to teach students how to be better at reading other peoples emotions, a quite useful skill. It is also important to note outcomes that we thought might be affected by winning the lottery to see live theater but that produced no significant effects. In particular, we suspected that seeing live theater might inspire students to become more interested in either participating in future theater productions or going to view them.

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Sex offenders are not reportable under Nevada state law, so Verified Volunteers is not able to return results for offenders registered in Nevada. Oregon only reports information for those offenders considered to be predatory. A neglect or abuse registry is a statewide database which includes individuals against whom a court has found guilty of abuse or neglect. Organizations that deal with vulnerable populations often require a check of their states Neglect/Abuse registry to keep those they serve out of harms way. 11a Q: Many of the parents in our community discipline children with spanking. Some of them use objects to punish.

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Reagan. The Cold War had the effect of unifying the Republicans like little else. Even the dramatic deficit increases of the time, largely due to defense spending, were seen as necessary in the fight to end communism. And President Reagan did not have an unstable occupation on his hands. Nor did he face nearly as united a Democratic Party as exists today. The result: some conservatives are questioning the voluminous spending for the war in Iraq. "There is some unrest, there is some uneasiness, there is some unhappiness," said presidential historian Lee Edwards of the conservative Heritage Foundation, regarding the political right today. Edwards emphasized that this frustration is not as rampant as when former President George H. W. Bush reneged on his "no new taxes" pledge. Mr.

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Please help me. Kevin G. LinzyIf i am trying to find the kind of grant that is available to recovering addicts. I am in San Diego Ca, any ideas who I would contact?I am a collage student in Cameroon wanting to study cooling systemRefrigerators . But i find it very difficult because of the financial assistance. So if anyone could help me on this i am always available.

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Practical ApplicationThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA repeated Voevodskys experiment on a larger scale, and concluded that Center High Mounted Stop Lamps CHMSLs reduce accidents and injuries. As a result, the NHTSA now requires all new cars since 1986 and all new light trucks since 1994 to have a third brake light. To see just how well the CHMSLs worked, the NHTSA has charted police reported crash data from eight states, and has found that CHMSLs reduce rear impacts by 4. 3%. Although less dramatic than the original findings, this finding means that since the CHMSL became standard equipment, there have been about 200,000 fewer crashes, 60,000 fewer injuries, and over $600 million in property damage saved every year not to mention the lives saved. To put that in dollars and cents: for every dollar spent on manufacturing and installing the third brake light, $3. 18 is saved. Cited Llaneras, R. , Neurauter, L. , and Perez, M. 2010.

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